About Kait Moffatt

At 24 years old, I have acquired an Honors degree in Communications from York University in Toronto and I have now moved to Vancouver, BC. I was a model for 6 years then converted to the dark side of craft beer and poutine. I was an athlete growing up then gave it up for night life, education, socializing and lack of sleep and now I am a born-again recreational activity lover and health nut.

On this blog you will find posts about music, both popular and underground, fashion do’s and do not’s, vents about je-ne-sais-quois and tech-related self-helps. I am heavily opinionated and at times shamelessly vulgar but I have the utmost of manners and I am surprisingly rather polite. I care about helping promote people and things that I love and I use Social Media to do so.

I don’t do yoga, I do karaoke. I love underground music, but my ipod is riddled with Beyonce. I’m a city girl living a sustainable farmer lifestyle. I love leopard print everything. Period. I am working on an epistolary novel made up of short poems; a melodramatic series of rhyming heartbreaks. Ask me about it if you care to know more.


1 thought on “About Kait Moffatt”

  1. Thanks for following “Heels to Kicks!” Love what you have here so far and look forward to reading more. You have a fantastic style. Cheers!


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